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Fife Is My Life :: Video Gallery

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Fife is my Life promotional video clips are linked below. Go ahead and check'em out!

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If you need a real pick me up for your event this is the ticket! Quick witted comedian Rik Roberts has perfected the character that everyone loves. He can bring this impersonation to you in several different ways …

“Don’t Barney Fife Your Way Through Life” – The Mayberry Method!

This speech starts with a bang!

Imagine your employees surprised by America’s Favorite Deputy blowing a whistle as he enters the conference room. Next, he pulls out a few “citations” that he has written up on members of your group. The group belly laughs as the “harmless offenses” are revealed.  Click the “Show Options – Motivational Speech” link for more info …

Roaming Character

Deputy “on patrol”

Perfect for trade show booths, cocktail hours, fairs, golf outings – anywhere you need some extra “security”. Let the deputy loose and he’ll mingle with your group one-on-one for a real welcoming feel. This option is a ton of fun and always “warrants” a serious consideration! Click the “Show Options – Roaming Character” link for more info …

Stand-Up + Fife

Laughs and Law!

Rik has 20+ yrs experience as a clean comedian. With this option, the deputy can roam for 30 minutes prior to dinner (or awards, etc..,) and then Rik comes back as himself to deliver up to an hour of stand-up! Click the “Show Options – Stand-Up + Fife” link for more info …

On-Camera Talent

Industrial Strength Fun

Does your company or organization film “in-house” training videos? How about having the deputy be part of a custom video greeting for your next conference? Click the “Show Options – On Camera Shoot”

As you can see – America’s Favorite Deputy is a great solution for nearly ANY event. Join a growing number of clients who use Rik over and over again!

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